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It's been a privilege serving you and our community for the past 5 years.
Now life is taking us in a new direction, and we have made the difficult decision to close our doors and discontinue our Mild Hyperbaric Therapy Services.
Our last day for sessions will be Saturday, July 26.  
Please call 866-674-6070 and phones will continue to be answered through July 26th, 2014.  After that, if you’d like to leave a message we will do our best to return your call.  

The website and and all it’s data will be kept intact to help serve the needs of those still looking for quality information about Hyperbaric Therapy.  Please contact us if you have interest in buying the website, equipment or questions about HBOT in general.  Thank you very much for your understanding!
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Program S.O.S. Updates



Here you can learn more about the progress and passion of some of America's Finest and the improvements they're making in their post-war care, rehabilitation and quality of life through the power of mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy with Pikes Peak Hyperbaric.


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Sep 24, 2013

Jacque-H-SOS-PicDear Mr. Rooney,

As you know I am a Veteran that deployed to Iraq, and I have been struggling with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). The effects of the PTSD and mTBI have essentially caused problems; not allowing me to function correctly. I struggle with not being able to sleep, cognitive thinking, and even not being able to function correctly. Although, the mental diagnoses are my main problem, I also deal with the physical as well. To include but not limited to mild scoliosis, impingements in my left and right shoulders, hip dysplasia, migraines, and the beginning stages of arthritis. My doctors have prescribed me medication that I feel causes more harm to my body rather than fixing the problems.

However, since I have been receiving treatment from the S.O.S program at the Pikes Peak Hyperbaric I have noticed improvements in my health. I have been able to get more sleep than normal, I am able to understand material and retain the information better, and overall I feel like I have more energy. I have been able to taper down my medication and I have the hope to one day be completely off my medications and letting my body heal naturally. I truly believe in the S.O.S. program and I believe that for combat Veterans that struggle with PTSD and TBI like me will benefit from treatments. I look forward to seeing the end results for after my treatments at the Pikes Peak Hyperbaric; S.O.S. program. I know it will be nothing short of impressive. I appreciate your belief, in that the human body can heal itself naturally with the right resources.

I would like to thank you for your dedication and support of wounded Veterans that come home from the war. Mr. Rooney, in my eyes you are our hero and a great individual. You and your staff are truly appreciated!


Jacque L. Hobbs, U.S. Army (Ret.)


April 11, 2013 



This is Kyle Schaibley our current SOS soldier. Kyle was a gunner in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2009 when he was injured in an IED explosion. Kyle was in more firefights then he can remember. Many times Kyle was the first guy in when they had to clear houses. In Afghanistan he volunteered to take point on foot patrols on over 30 missions. As his dad told me "he saw lots of bad stuff in both places".


As a result, Kyle is still dealing with PTSD issues and has trouble sleeping. He is a great kid from the little time I've known him. I'd ask all reading this to say a prayer that the HBOT treatment we're now providing will bring him to a better place. At 26 years of age, he's way to young to have to continue his battle at home after fighting on our behalf overseas.




April, 2013

We've started treatment on a new soldier.  His name is Kyle Schaibley.  Kyle is 26 years old and now retired.  Like too many of our former SOS clients, he was injured in an IED explosion in Afghanistan in 2009.  He's a great young man who is still battling PTSD symptoms.  We're starting Kyle on a 3X/week protocol of hbot and ASEA and will continue until he gets a full 40 hours of treatment.  I'll try to get a picture up shortly and tell you a little more about him and his background as his treatment progresses.

As always, thank you to our SOS sponsors for helping make hyperbaric treatmaent available to these soldiers who have done so much for our country. 


July, 2012

My apologies for not having sent you an update the last couple of months but we have been active with our SOS program! We brought Ben back in for a second round of treatment. Ben is the medically retired Colorado Springs police officer who was in a car accident and suffered a TBI that ended his career. He was suffering from severe migraines, which sometimes led to vision problems during one of these episodes. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy was a Godsend for him and almost totally alleviated his migraines during the course of his 40-treatment block.

We had hoped that the initial round of treatment would be all that he needed but about a month after his last session Ben once again suffered a debilitating migraine while he was driving. He pulled over and called me and we brought him straight into the clinic and into a chamber. In just two sessions the pain was completely gone and Ben is once again doing much better. We’re trying a 3X/week/90 minute protocol this time and hope this second round will do the trick.

Ben once again has asked me to thank all of you who are making this treatment possible for him. His goal is to eventually buy a hyperbaric chamber to use at home as he says nothing has helped relieve his migraine pain like hbot.

In addition we are still treating Kyle Udderback, our first active duty soldier. Kyle has been sent on a couple of short-term deployments, which has interrupted his treatments. Much like Ben, Kyle was suffering and dealing with migraines due to a TBI suffered during a deployment when his vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb. Kyle has experienced the same relief from his migraines during the course of his hbot sessions. Hopefully we’ll get Kyle his full 40 treatments before he has to leave again.

Both of these men are good people who have served both this community and this country with distinction and honor. It’s a privilege to be able to do something to say ‘thank you’ to them both and I thank you for helping Pikes Peak Hyperbaric make it possible to do so.

We could still use a few more sponsors so if you know anyone who would like to help, please let me know and I’d be happy to give them a call and tell them about SOS.

Until Next Time,

Ric Rooney


March, 2012

 ben3Hello my name is Benjamin Villescas. Approximately 4 years ago I was traveling on highway 115 here in Colorado Springs. I noticed traffic began to slow down far before I reached the traffic light. I began to slow down and soon came to a complete stop. I observed a row of cars in front had come to stop and as I leaned forward to get a better look, another vehicle collided with mine from behind. (It was later learned the vehicle was traveling approximately 60 mph and did not apply the brakes and my vehicle suffered the full impact).

I was pushed forward and down and up and embankment, crossing into north bound traffic and down into a ditch. My vehicle came to rest facing east. I was disorientated and somehow got out of my vehicle and stumbled to the ground. I could hear people around me yelling; however I was unaware of my surroundings.

At the hospital I was told I suffered a concussion from striking my head against the front windshield. After I was released from the hospital my sister continued to remove glass from the top rear portion of my head for several days. At the time of the accident I was police officer with the city of Colorado Springs.

I was sent to several neurologists in Denver to determine the severity of the injury I had sustained. I was told I had suffered a mild traumatic brain injury. I was re-evaluated by several different neurologists and was advised I could no longer perform the duties required as a police officer due to the injuries.

Over the next two years I would be re-evaluated to determine if the injury was permanent, I was granted permanent disability with a pay decrease and no health care. Even though I was medically retired from the police department and I could functionally normally, migraines  were a daily occurrence along with sensitivity to light, reduced motor skills and severe mood swings (think Jekyll and Hyde).

Over the next three and half years I went to several hospitals here in Colorado Springs and Denver asking for help but was denied for lack of insurance. My sister had noticed an ad on Facebook for Pikes Peak Hyperbaric. I called and spoke with Ric and scheduled and appointment. When I arrived I began sharing with Ric what I had been struggling with over the past three and half years and mid conversation he replied ‘let’s get you in the chamber’.

Without hesitation Ric supplied me with the answer I had been praying and seeking for these past years. With what seemed like an eternity of pain and discomfort has slowly been improving over these past 15 sessions of therapy. I have not had a migraine in over two weeks (a record for me) and my mood swings have drastically improved. Ric’s generosity and compassion for those who are hurting and in need of assistance has restored my hope; knowing I will receive the treatment I need to regain and restore my life.


January, 2012


NathanMy name is Nathan Holmgard. I served four years in the U.S. Army as a welder stationed at Ft. Hood TX. I was deployed to Iraq in the fall of '05 for a year and just like most soldiers deployed to Iraq I didn't do my actual job very often, I spent most my year doing perimeter guard duty.

A day of guard duty usually meant standing in a 20 foot watch tower wearing 65-85 pounds of body armor and gear for 8 hours. Sitting or leaning while on shift was not allowed at any time. Since returning from Iraq I have had persistent pain in my back and neck, as well as shooting pain to my arms and legs, recurring headaches, depression, memory problems, sleep disturbances, insomnia and significant problems being around people.

When I started HBOT I had no idea what it would be able to do for me. As of now I'm about 30 treatments through my first set and so far I feel amazing. Both my short term and long term memory are returning.  This means the good memories as well as the bad memories are returning, even the ones I tried very hard to forget, but I'm happy to have them all back.

My energy levels have skyrocketed but my physical pain remains mostly unchanged, aside from the lessened muscle pain associated with my daily routine. I still struggle with sleep and my social issues, but there is no doubt in my mind that I am doing exponentially better that I ever would have without treatments.




November, 2011


My name is Jeremy Mandrell and I'm 25 and retired from the army. During my time in the army I deployed to Iraq. While there I sustained multiple closed injuries like TBI/PTSD, injuries to my lower back and neck, and partial loss of vision and hearing. While still in the army I was taking medications for various reasons. I started to lose a serious amount of weight. In reality the meds only made things worse and had lasting effects. I was given an opportunity for HBOT and immediately begin to see change in my life. Before HBOT memory, concentration, ability to communicate, headaches, ringing in ears, nasea, and a lot more physical and mental pain. I began HBOT and everything started to change. I began doing physical therapy. I made a few other changes to diet, life, and stuck to HBOT. I do most things on my own now, not without difficulty, but without Hbot I would not be in as good of shape right now.




September, 2011







We've just started treatment on our fourth soldier.  His name is Jeremy Mandrell.  Jeremy is 25 years old and was deployed to Iraq.  I'll be filling you in on more details about Jeremy shortly and following his progress through his 40 session block.








July, 2011


GJJason and Geovani are finishing up their treatment and wanted to do something to say 'thank you' for our SOS program.  So we've recorded brief podcasts from each so you can hear their personal stories and thoughts about Mild HBOT therapy and the SOS program that you make possible.  Just click on the links below for their personal stories of inspiration and hope.  
Geovani's Story: Podcast
Jason's Story: Podcast
As always, thank you for your participation in the SOS program.  You've made a difference in three soldiers lives so far and we'll be ready to start treatment for our next soldier soon.  If you know any companies that may want to join us for this very worthy cause, please let me know.
For More information on the S.O.S. Program, click HERE
Till Next Time...
Ric, Jesse, Brad and Crystal /Pikes Peak Hyperbaric


June, 2011


Here’s a pic of our second and now third soldier being treated under our SOS program.  Geovani on the left is now a little  more then halfway through his 40-session block and doing better although he still has periodic headache and anxiety issues.  But overall he says he is feeling much better and I’ve noticed a considerable change in him since he started.  He is much more animated and interactive now and has been getting more involved in helping me get the word out on hbot treatment to the Warrior Transition Unit (WTU) the program  he was put through here at Ft. Carson.

Which is where our newest soldier, Jason, also comes from. Geovani and Jason are friends who met at the WTU.  Jason proudly served for nearly ten years in the army.  He did three tours of duty in Iraq, the first as an infantryman and the last two as a convoy driver.  It was these last two tours that Jason was subjected to multiple IED (Improvised Explosive Device) incidents and was later diagnosed with a TBI.

Geovani asked if he could bring Jason for hbot treatment when we had our next SOS opening and we were more then happy to oblige him.  Jason has now had 15 of his 40 treatments and says he loves this treatment!  For the first time in a long time Jason said he is now able to sleep without taking any of his prescribed sleep meds.  He says he feels better and better with each session and the big grin on his face would make all of you proud to the ones responsible for helping both these young men.

With the clinic getting busier and busier I haven’t been able to get out as much as I need to, to knock on more business doors looking for additional SOS sponsors.  I’m going to try and change that in the coming months.   The more sponsors, the more soldiers we can help.

Thank you again for your continued support.  I’ll have a final update next month from Graham Facer, our first soldier who has now completed his treatment, along with his son Landen, who has made wonderful progress with his autistic condition.  Landen was two grades behind when he started hbot treatment and has now made up one full grade.  His therapists estimate that if he continues his rate of improvement he will be integrated into the regular school program by 4th grade.  How great is that!

For More information on the S.O.S. Program, click HERE


Until next time,

Ric, Jesse & Crystal/Pikes Peak Hyperbaric


May, 2011

Things are going very well for our first SOS soldier Graham Facer and his son, Landen.  The sad news for us is that they will be leaving us at the end of the month.  Graham is now discharged from the military and has started a retail business, Fast Shoes & Apparel.  They are relocating to Ft. Hood, Texas where Graham will be opening a store on base.  We wish him and his wife Kristy the very best.

Graham’s wife Kristy says her husband is doing so much better with his PTSD issues since he started taking hbot treatments.  And Landen’s progress with Autism has been nothing short of spectacular!  I was speaking with Kristy a few weeks ago and she mentioned that he probably wasn’t going to be admitted to the Special Ed summer school program because his teachers felt his progress has been so good that he no longer qualifies for the program and has almost caught up to his first grade peers!  I guess this is the first time I’ve heard of where getting kicked out of school is a good thing.  I will miss this little guy.  To see the progress he’s made since he started taking hbot is a truly remarkable thing.

But as we’re closing the book for one soldier, we’re opening it for a new one.  Our second soldier under the SOS program is Isovani Gonzales.  He says his friends call him Giovanni.  Giovanni was in a bad car accident back in 2008 that resulted in a TBI and unfortunately his subsequent discharge from the military as a result of his injury.  Giovanni still suffers from migraine headaches and occasional slurred speech.  He also says he sometimes reverses words without realizing it during conversation.

We’ve already started a block of 40 one-hour sessions for Giovanni and I’ll be keeping you posted on his hoped for progress.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you for helping us to help another.  You’ve already made a difference in the life of one family and God willing we’ll do it again for Giovanni.  As always, if you know a company that might be willing to join us for a great cause please let me know and I’ll personally deliver SOS information to them.


For More information on the S.O.S. Program, click HERE


Until next time,

Ric, Jesse and Crystal/Pikes Peak Hyperbaric


February, 2011

Graham and Landen are continuing their mildHBOT treatments and both continue to make excellent progress.  Landen’s teachers report that he is making great strides with his autistic condition and I hope to be meeting with them in the next week or so to hear from them first hand.

Graham is feeling better and better and recently posted a testimonial on the website, so I thought I’d let you hear from him directly;


“My name is Graham Facer and I am a 27 year old soldier. Last year I was diagnosed with PTSD along with a series of other brain related issues by the US Army. Among those were night tremors. Since beginning HBOT three months ago, my nightmares have dramatically slowed, allowing me to sleep better and relieving much of my physical stress.

My son, Landen, is a 7-year-old boy that was diagnosed with moderate/severe Autism three years ago. We began our treatments together. Immediately after the first appointment, Landen began to speak clearer than he ever had before. By session ten, his vocabulary increased by approximately 75 words. His anger and aggression have subsided. He is more loving and definitely more socially interactive. He now speaks in clear sentences and can let us know what he wants without getting frustrated.”


We’ll keep you updated on Graham and Landen's progress over the next few months.  We’d like to start treatment for our next soldier but are still looking for additional corporate sponsors.  So thank you for your generosity in helping one of our nation's finest and his son.  And if you know any other companies that might we willing to join us, please let me know.


For More information on the S.O.S. Program, click HERE


Until our next update, good health to you,

Ric, Crystal and Jesse Rooney


Dec, 2010

Soldier_Facer_and_SonI wanted to update you on the progress of our SOS program that you have helped make possible. We have six corporate members to date, not an overwhelming force but enough to make a difference, enough to get our first soldier started in HBOT treatment.

His name is Graham Facer and you’ll be learning more about him in the near future as Graham has agreed to post some blogs about himself on our website. We met Graham a few weeks ago when he came into Pikes Peak Hyperbaric looking for treatment for his son, Landen, who is autistic. If you’re not already aware, HBOT is a gaining more and more acceptance in the medical community as a safe and effective treatment for autistic children.

When we are treating a child in our hyperbaric chambers they are always accompanied by an adult. When I learned that Graham was being treated for TBI/PTSD I told him he might as well go into the chamber with his son and we’d be able to treat both of them.

So Graham had already started treatment with Landen prior to the SOS program. However, financially it was becoming a real hardship for him. When I informed Graham that we wanted him to be our first official soldier for treatment and that the SOS sponsors along with Pikes Peak Hyperbaric would be picking up the balance of his treatments, he was genuinely touched.

His wife, Kristy, came in a week or so ago with Graham and Landen. While they were in the chamber we had a chance to sit and talk and she told me a little more about what Graham had gone though.  Without going into unnecessary details that might intrude on their privacy, Graham was involved in a firefight and had to deal with things we can only pray we never have to face in our lifetime. He is a truly deserving soldier and the fact that we can help his son at the same time is a double bonus. Kristy told me that she was as thrilled with the changes she’s already seen in her husband since he started treatment, as she was with the progress they’ve seen in Landen.

This is what the SOS program was supposed to be about and I can’t thank you enough for stepping up in a very difficult economic environment to give these injured soldiers a well-deserved hand as they work to put their lives back together again now that they’re home.

Finally, we wanted to remind you that as an SOS sponsor, all employees of your company are eligible for our lowest in the state $50.00/session membership rate, without having to pay the individual monthly $24.95 membership fee.  For More information on the S.O.S. Program, click HERE



Ric, Crystal and Jesse Rooney/Pikes Peak Hyperbaric