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With the largest fleet of high quality Oxyhealth mild hyperbaric chambers in Colorado & surrounding states, we offer the most afforable
pricing for hyperbaric therapy in the state and the country! Where others make it complicated we keep it simple. Period. 

Oh, and one more thing....No matter what option you choose, your first hyperbaric session and consultation is always absolutely FREE! 


Office Visits

60 minute session at full pressure

Rent a Chamber

You heard right.  We deliver!

Purchase a Chamber

Why not own your own chamber?

60-Dollar-Sessions Lease-Pricing P-Plan

All taxes Included.

No hidden Costs.

No Membership Required.

Includes doctors Prescription.

Includes delivery, setup & breakdown

Vitaeris 320 Chamber & concentrator

Extra Oxygen Masks

Doctors Prescription

Special Post Rental Session Rates

Dependent on delivery area.

Call for Rental Options.

We sell Oxyhealth Vitaeris 320 chambers

Inventory can vary. Please call for info.



In terms of value, convenience and efficiency, owning or renting a chamber offers unparalleled value. Based on typical usage of patients who have rented a chamber for just one month, you can reduce the cost per session price to as little as $14.12.
Typically, we see patients who rent a chamber get as many as 60-90 hours of treatments in a single month!  That's equivalent to $3,600 - $5,400 worth of treatments when compared to in-office visits.  The key to success with your treatment and most anything in life is being consistent.  With a chamber in your home you are more in control of when you do your sessions and can tailor your protocol to your needs.  

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