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It's been a privilege serving you and our community for the past 5 years and we’ve made the difficult decision to close our clinic doors.  We do have inventory for sale and as long as we have inventory, we will continue to offer rentals within 10 miles of Denver, CO.
The business as a whole is for sale as well.  
Please contact us at 866-674-6070 for more information.
Ric Rooney

Ric Rooney

PPH Update and Merry Christmas!

1) Mr. Olympia, Phil Health interview

2) Colorado Springs Business Journal article

3) United States Olympic Committee meeting

4) New Podcasts

5) Fresh Ink front page

It’s been a while since I’ve sent out an email about Pikes Peak Hyperbaric and boy, a lot has happened in the last few months. Here’s a sample;

1) Colorado is now home to the rarest of athletes, a Mr. Olympia. Only 13 men have held that title in the 47 years the contest has been held. Colorado’s own Phil Heath won the 2011 Mr. Olympia title in Las Vegas back in September. He competed against the best professional bodybuilders in the world to bring the title home to Colorado. But Phil had a secret weapon this year, a hyperbaric oxygen chamber that he rented from Pikes Peak Hyperbaric for the last three months of his training. Phil was nice enough to do a podcast for us talking about his big victory (not to mention picking up a nice $200,000 winner’s check) and how hbot helped his training. Here’s the link to the podcast;


2) We got a nice article in the Colorado Springs Business Journal last month. Our work is starting to garner more and more attention locally and our quest to build the first hyperbaric Bio-Dome in the country has really generated a lot of interest in the community. Here’s the link to the article; http://ow.ly/i/mOpc

3) One of those groups interested in the hyperbaric Bio-Dome is the United States Olympic Committee here in Colorado Springs. We made an initial presentation to four people at USOC training headquarters in late October and will be back with them this Thursday for a follow up meeting. They’re looking at the possibility of constructing a Bio-Dome right at the USOC training facilities for their athletes to use.

We all know how effective hbot is for athletes as a legitimate method to accelerate their ability to heal from injuries and recover more quickly from intense workouts. But at present athletes must go into the small, static confines of a hyperbaric chamber to recover. And as wonderful and effective as that environment is, the ultimate circumstance for an athlete (and for all of us actually), would be to be in a hyperbaric environment where we could freely move around and exercise, like a hyperbaric gym; AKA a Bio-Dome!

To train intensely under mild hyperbaric conditions would be a huge advantage to an athlete competing against other athletes who trained under traditional ambient atmospheric conditions. They could train longer and harder with the extra oxygen in their bodies as a result of hyperbarics. And training longer and harder means faster and stronger athletes.

The advantage is so real that for a while it was thought that hbot enhancement would be ruled illegal by WADA (World Anti Doping Association). But WADA recently ruled on ‘hyperbaria’ and determined that since it was a totally natural process (unlike blood doping, which produces similar effects), it was a legal training aid if athletes choose to use it. Now you see why the USOC is so excited to explore the possibilities with us.

4) We’ve put some new podcasts up since I last wrote that I think are pretty good. Besides the Phil Health interview we have two new podcasts, ‘HBOT 101’ and ‘Oxygen for the Brain.’ Here’s the link to the main Podcast Guide page;


To round out what’s been a very good few months for us, we’re on the front page of this week’s Internet edition of Fresh Ink. I was interviewed recently by Fresh Ink website manager Bob Stevens on the reason for all the excitement recently about hyperbaric oxygen therapy and what it means to the average person. Take a listen if you have a few minutes: http://www.csfreshink.com

Well that should keep you busy for a while. It’s been a wonderful journey these first two years learning what hyperbaric oxygen therapy can do for so many different conditions and seeing it help so many of our many clients. And we have some exciting plans and developments for 2012 that you’ll be hearing about in the coming months. We thank you for your support and helping us get the word out about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

So as Christmas approaches and we’re all out there scrambling for those last minute Christmas gifts for friends and loved ones just remember that ultimately, the greatest gift we can ask for is our health.

Until Next Year,


Saturday, 24 September 2011 00:00

Pikes Peak Hyperbaric Update

1) Pikes Peak Hyperbaric has a Mr. Olympia champion!

2) Pikes Peak Hyperbaric on TV!

3) New Podcast center on our website.

4) SOS program

5) Rental program

6) Haven’t been in recently?

This is just a quick hello and update from Pikes Peak Hyperbaric to our database of customers.

1) For those of you who don’t follow the bodybuilding world (which is most of you I imagine), the Mr. Olympia is the Superbowl of professional bodybuilding competitions, with an eye popping $200,000.00 grand prize going to the winner. Elite professional bodybuilders from all over the world train for years with the dream of some day just qualifying for the event. In the 47 years the Mr. Olympia has been going on, only twelve men have ever held this most coveted of titles.

Having given you this background, I’m proud to say Colorado is now the home of the 2011 Mr. Olympia! His name is Phil Health and he lives in Arvada, Colorado. Phil called Pikes Peak Hyperbaric about three months ago to ask about hyperbaric treatment for athletic performance. He was the 2010 runner-up at the Olympia and he was looking for a little extra edge this try to try and get him to the top.

Phil came down to the Denver clinic and did a session. We talked for a while and he is just the most genuine guy you’ve ever met. He told us later on that when he went into the gym for his workout that day he set new PR’s (Personal Records) in some of his lifts and was hooked! Jesse and I delivered a rental chamber to him a few days later and he incorporated hbot sessions into his final 12 weeks of training for this year’s Olympia, which was held on September 17 at the Orleans Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Jesse and Phil have been in contact during his final preparations and Phil told Jesse that people were going to, as he put it, “freak out” when they saw him this year. And man, he wasn’t kidding! He looked absolutely fantastic. He had to be, going up against a guy named Jay Cutler, the 4-time and current Mr. Olympia. Taking the title from a 4-time champion is a monumental task. But there really wasn’t any argument that night when they announced the winner. On this day, Phil was clearly the better physique, something Jay Cutler very graciously agreed with as he handed the title over to Phil, who happens to be his best friend.

It was a great night for Phil. It was also a great night for us as Jesse, Brad and myself were right there in the audience to cheer our friend on. Check out the Twitter feed on our website and you’ll see a short video clip I took. You’ll see some new pics and a podcast Phil is going to do with us in the next month or so.

Having the current Mr. Olympia right here in Colorado is pretty special and to think that Pikes Peak Hyperbaric might have played a small part in his victory is an awesome feeling.

2) We now have four autistic children that we’ve worked with at our Colorado Springs and Denver clinics and we’ve seen very good results with all of them. Our local NewsFirst 5 TV station became interested enough that they came out to our location and wound up doing a very nice segment on hyperbaric treatment for autism. If you didn’t see it, here’s the link: http://www.newsfirst5.com/news/healing-under-pressure/

3) We recently added a podcast center to our website (http://www.pikespeakhyperbaric.com/hbot-media/hbot-audio). If you have a few minutes, listen to a few of these podcasts. Discovering Thomas, part 1 and 2 is the story of Kim Nickerson and her autistic son, Thomas, who has made remarkable strides since he started hbot treatment. He’s a wonderful little boy that I became very fond of, and Kim is a woman who defines the word ‘mother.” So now you can both view short video clips and/or listen to people talk about their experiences with hyperbaric oxygen therapy (hbot).

4) Our SOS (Save Our Soldiers) corporate program for TBI/PTSD injured Ft. Carson troops is now helping our fourth soldier, Jeremy Landrell. We recently recorded short podcasts for former SOS soldiers Jason Nash and Geovani Gonzalez that you can listen to here. Geovani was injured in a car accident shortly before he was scheduled to deploy and suffered a career ending TBI. Jason’s story is a first hand account of what it was like being on the front lines of combat in Iraq, the physical price he paid serving our country and how hbot treatment is helping him in his recovery.

Our SOS program teams Pikes Peak Hyperbaric up with local Colorado companies to donate hbot sessions to injured soldiers like Geovani, Jason and Graham that need hbot treatment but simply can’t afford it.

We now have ten companies that are working with Pikes Peak Hyperbaric to make this treatment available to them. The more companies that participate with us, the more soldiers we can help. Here’s the update page where you can read about the soldiers that our SOS program has been able to sponsor:


5) I’m surprised with how quickly we’ve grown as we enter our second year here in Colorado. We now have two chambers in both our Colorado Springs and Denver clinics. In addition, we have three additional chambers available for our new home rental program, which is proving to be very popular, not to mention convenient and cost effective.

Some clients that we treat have physical challenges that make it very difficult to get to our clinics multiple times a week for treatment. With our new rental program, for one flat monthly fee we’ll bring a chamber to your home, set it up for you and show you how to use it. When you’re ready to return the chamber you simply give us a call and we’ll come and pick it up. We will deliver anywhere in the state of Colorado. It’s very convenient and you have unlimited use of that chamber during your rental period. If you’d like more information on the rental program, give us a call at 866 674-6070.

6) I’ve bumped into two PPH monthly members that haven’t been in for a while and they both had the same question: “I’m accruing credits in my account each month if I don’t do any sessions, right?” The answer is; absolutely! It’s a unique feature of our PPH membership plan that if don’t do any hbot sessions during a month, we take your monthly membership fee and apply it to session credits that go into your account. Even better, you’re accumulating sessions at your low $50.00 member rate instead of the non-member rates of $70.00 - $80.00. If you are a member and want to check on session credits just give us a call and we’ll check for you.

That’s it for now. Mild hyperbaric oxygen therapy is now available and affordable right here in Colorado. Please give us a hand and tell a friend or two that might benefit from hyperbaric oxygen therapy. The list of conditions that may benefit from hbot continues to grow. Here’s a current sampling: http://www.pikespeakhyperbaric.com/conditions.

It’s a wonderful, incredibly safe and most importantly, very effective therapy. And we stand behind our service with a 100% money back guarantee if you try hbot and honestly feel you got no benefit from it. We either both win in this relationship, or neither one does.

Until Next Time,

Ric Rooney/Pikes Peak Hyperbaric