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It's been a privilege serving you and our community for the past 5 years and we’ve made the difficult decision to close our clinic doors.  We do have inventory for sale and as long as we have inventory, we will continue to offer rentals within 10 miles of Denver, CO.
The business as a whole is for sale as well.  
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Allen Y: Very Impressed!

Dear Ric,

I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how impressed I was with your attention and professionalism during my recent visit to your facility. While I will admit I was a little apprehensive about hyperbaric treatment, I was extremely pleased with the experience. Your patience and attentiveness during the entire time I was in the chamber made me feel safe and comfortable.

I was particularly impressed with your knowledge and confidence in the benefits of hyperbaric treatment. Please be sure to also thank your staff for their warm and welcoming attitude while I was there.


   Allen Y

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Mark T: Multiple Sclerosis

1212599077My name is Mark Thomas and I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in August of 1994. Since then I have tried many therapies, mostly interferon based, and have seen no results from that endeavor. I used to be a Master BMW Technician and after three years of the disease progressing I quit automotive maintenance and repair then I went to work as the service manager of a local auto repair shop where I did very well until I could not walk; even with a cane or walker. Then in January of 2004 I was given the opportunity to take mHBOT at the clinic in Cummings, Georgia. At this point I was completely wheelchair bound, unable to walk for even the shortest distances, but after just three therapy sessions I was able to walk from my car into my house, unassisted!

During the therapy I have found that I am able to walk up and down the stairway inside of the clinic to get to my sessions, 20 stairs. At first when I used to go up stairways I had to fight a very common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis called toe drop, this is where you cannot completely move one or both of your legs/feet, but now I can completely walk up the stairs without having to drag my left leg behind me! I have also noticed that my sleeping patterns have gone back to what they used to be before Multiple Sclerosis, now I can sleep for about nine hours undisturbed, plus my dreams are much more vivid and memorable, I remember dreams from more than two months ago.

I have been able to stop taking interferon Rebif and Provigil, not on any medications and have gone past the due date for IV steroids or IVIG. I am also able to take a bath by myself, without any help. There are so many things that I can now do that I couldn't even think about in the past since my hyperbaric therapies. A few of my symptoms that I do not recognize as being better have been brought to my attention by others who have seen change. Another change that I have noticed is that I can now get into the hyperbaric chamber by myself, which I definitely could not do before my therapy began. EVERYONE OWES IT TO THEMSELVES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THIS VERY IMPORTANT THERAPY THAT IS USED FOR MANY DIFFERENT DISEASES.

Thanks to The Hyperbaric Therapy Center in Cummings, Georgia for sharing this story and many more like it!

Thursday, 08 September 2011

Kim N: Autism

I started HBOT with my autistic son Thomas in February 2011. Thomas' OT had told us about Pikes Peak Hyperbaric and suggested we try it. She also wanted Thomas to be part of the HBOT program being started at the therapy clinic. So I decided to give it a try and after our first hour session both my husband and I saw improvements mainly in Thomas' language. The afternoon of the first day he started talking in sentences that were 5 and 6 words which was a huge change from 2 words. That same day I had my first conversation with my son who is now 8 years old without him screaming and me going through 30 questions. We conversed about how he did not like the taste of his lunch and I explained that it had rice protein and he needed protein he was not getting enough. It was not till the end that I realized what had just happened and I was ecstatic. My husband who was skeptical was amazed at what just one session did. He was on board to keep going and I could tell this was the program that was going to be the break through. More excitement to come. Kimberly Nickerson, Colorado Springs

Monday, 02 May 2011

Aidan: Autism

Dear Pikes Peak Hyperbaric,

I have been working with Aidan since June, several months before he began hbot. My aim in working with him, has been to increase his participation with self care and activities of daily living. Specifically, his ability to toilet himself. Initially most of his intelligible utterances were 1-2 words now he frequently uses 4-5 word phrases. Additionally, his eye contact has increased tremendously, both in terms of frequency and duration. More so than ever before, when he looks at me it is used as means of communication, something I had not observed in him before.

In terms of my goal of his toileting, he is currently at the end of his second 40 session round of hbot, and we have seen tremendous growth over the last 4 weeks. Granted it is still with significant support from his family, but he is using the toilet daily. Considering this is a task the family has been trying for years, and few other factors have changed in this time, it certainly suggests that with increased ability/desire to communicate (due to hbot), Aidan is able to take on more of his self care tasks. I am excited to see what further changes this treatment may bring about in Aidan!

Lani Husted, MS OTR/L
Occupational Therapist
Nursing & Therapy Services of Colorado

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Landen F: Autism

Graham--LandenI am a teacher of students with severe needs, and I am writing to tell my story about Landen. I met Landen in December of 2009, and it is my complete honor to be writing about him today. When I met Landen, he was a completely different kid than he is currently. He was a first grade student with Autism and when he joined my Significant Support Needs classroom, he used physical aggression to communicate frustrations, wants and needs. Landen had very little interest in those around him and needed hand-over-hand support to trace simple shapes and letters, and was not able to perform many pre-academic tasks. Landen’s verbal communication was minimal, especially with peers. As the first grade year came to an end, it was evident that he had many strengths. He was learning to communicate verbally to get his wants and needs met, and he was beginning to grasp fundamental skills such as counting , tracing letters and shapes, and knowing the alphabet. Landen is now a second grader, and the growth that he has made in the last few months is astonishing. Landen began hyperbaric treatment in October, and since then has shown growth in all observable areas. Landen is an absolute pleasure to have in class and his academic, social, communicative, and behavioral skills have grown exponentially. Landen is able to add, read over 100 sight words, and can copy complete sentences. He knows all of the students in his class, and will engage with students during recess and socially appropriate times. Landen is interested in people, and is excited to share things that are important to him and is now able to take images that he remembers and draw them on paper. While he still gets frustrated, he now expresses his frustrations using verbal communication, rather than physical aggression. It has been one of my greatest pleasures as a teacher to watch Landen grow into the amazing boy that he is today. I am so very optimistic that Landen will continue to grow as a person, and be a positive model for people with Autism.


Thank you,

Ami Nunn

Special Education Teacher

Monday, 21 March 2011

Graham F: Autism and PTSD

My name is Graham Facer and I am a 27 year old soldier. Last year I was diagnosed with PTSD along with a series of other brain related issues by the US Army. Among those was night tremors. Since beginning HBOT three months ago, my nightmares have dramatically slowed, allowing me to sleep better, and relieving much of my physical stress. My son, Landen, is a 7 year old boy that was diagnosed with moderate/severe Autism three years ago. We began our treatments together. Immediately after the first appointment, Landen began to speak clearer than he ever had before. By session ten, his vocabulary increased by approximately 75 words. His anger and aggression have subsided. He is more loving and definitely more socially interactive. He now speaks in clear sentences and can let us know what he wants without getting frustrated.

Tuesday, 04 January 2011

Mackenzie N: Severed Fingertip

We are the Nyhus family and on September 12, 2010 our lives changed forever. On a usual shopping trip to the grocery store, our youngest daughter Mackenzie rolled up her finger in the car window, severing right below her finger nail and slightly above the first joint on her middle finger. As we were being transported to the E.R. the paramedics continued to tell us that there was nothing much anyone could do because of the severity of the injury. As we finally reached the hospital and the doctors took a look at her finger, they all pretty much said the same thing, “there’s not much we can do, lets stitch it back together and just wait for it to die and fall off.” So as we left the hospital that night, we went home feeling hopeless that there was nothing anyone could do for our little girl. As the days passed on her finger began to slowly turn black and die just as the doctors had said it would. About one week after the initial accident we took her back to the E.R hoping that they would finally do something to help Mackenzie, and once again we where turned away with the same response, “let it die, there’s nothing we can do, it will not survive.” Thankfully the next day a family member saw a picture of Mackenzie’s finger, and told us about Hyperbaric Treatments, and how they could possibly help heal Mackenzie’s finger. That night we got on the internet and started to research anything we could find on Hyperbaric Treatments, luckily we found Pikes Peak Hyperbaric, and scheduled an appointment as soon as we could. We ended up driving down to Colorado on the 21 of September and got 1 treatment that night, and managed to get in an additional 9 treatments while we were down there that week. Mackenzie had 90 min sessions 2 times a day, and after the second treatment we could notice a decrease in the swelling that overwhelmed her finger. After the 5th treatment, we started to notice the back side of her finger was starting to go from being black to white aga

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Jenny H: Autism & Hyperbaric Therapy

My son Aidan and I have just finished our 14th session. Unfortunately, with autism you cannot report better numbers such as higher red cell counts. Although, I can report that Aidan has much better eye contact. He goes out of his way now, to make eye contact with us at home. His speech has become somewhat clearer. But the most significant change is that he talks more spontaneously. And to top that off, the words are appropriate. For example, before leaving the restroom one day, he said aloud to no one in particular, " wash hands with soap." This type of a comment from him is HUGE to say the least. I have not said much to teachers, paras, and therapists. I want to hear their experiences without the possibility of what-to-look-for being put in their minds. As Aidan's parents we see the changes, big and small. Yet we still just want to wait till that 30 session mark where supposedly major stuff happens. I will definitely be reporting then.. So until next time, Jenny H

Sunday, 05 December 2010

Jenny H: Autism

My family & I live in Colorado Springs. My youngest son, Aidan, is 8 and is autistic. I signed him up with Pikes Peak Hyperbaric and have since completed 6 sessions. I have already noticed major differences in him. Aidan didnt speak until 6 yrs old. The weekend after our 1st 5 sessions, he was giving unprompted yet appropriate comments! A para at school said they noticed more eye contact. An ABA therapist told me Aidan didnt mind parallel play with another child on a Saturday therapy session. Aidan seems more socially aware. I try to not get too excited because doing this with other things in the past has been gravely disappointing. But these changes are new. These break-throughs had not yet been realized in ANY other "treatments"/"therapies". I plan to post whenever there is change in Aidan. If the start of this is any indication of how he'll improve around 30-40 sessions, I cannot wait! Signing off for now.....Jenny


Follow Jenny's Blog here and watch the progress!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Brad M: Hiking Accident: Cellulitis

While hiking I tripped and received a severe cut on my right shin. Several days later my shin was extremely swollen, painful, and red. It was difficult to walk due to the pain. I went to the doctor on Monday to get it looked at. I was diagnosed with cellulitis, a severe infection that could become serious if not treated. My doctor prescribed antibiotics and rest. I was told it would take 7 to 10 days to heal. I was bummed because I was supposed to take my daughter and her boyfriend to the Air Force Academy football game on Saturday. That day I started my medication and did my first treatment in the hyperbaric chamber at Pikes Peak Hyperbarics (PPH). Much to my amazement, by Wednesday and after 3 treatments, you could hardly tell that I had an injury at all. The redness, swelling, and pain were gone. By Saturday I was at the Air Force Academy football having a great time cheering on the Falcon’s. Thanks PPH!




Friday, 29 October 2010

Kim R: Fractured Patella

This X-ray is after 19 days.  Notice the lower breaks are totally filled with bone and virtually gone. The upper break is filled with bone almost 50% it seems. I am no doc but after 7 treatments in the chamber they released me on this day to play golf and do anything else I could do minus squats and running. While they did not say it out right, you could tell the doctor was very surprised at the healing. He asked me how many days it had been since I broke it a number of times. Almost confused. This is normally a very long healing process. Three weeks later I was released to resume full activity. I am at 6 weeks 3 days today and I have no pain and I have been doing more than 1 hour a day on the elliptical machine and I have golfed 10 / 18 hole rounds in the last three weeks. All walking. Thanks for the help. Nothing short of amazing.

Kim R



Friday, 29 October 2010

Kelli C: Debilitating Fibromyalgia

I felt like I was out of options; none of the many prescription medicines or alternative therapies were helping me. I am 29 years old and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since I was 18 years old. I don’t recall a time when my body was not in pain so my outlook about Hyperbaric Therapy was more along the lines of realism rather than optimism.

Unfortunately, I responded very poorly to the many medications doctors have prescribed to “help” my fibromyalgia; either it does not work or I have terrible reactions and need to discontinue use regardless of whether it works or not. I have tried everything from Ambien, Celebrex, and Vicodin to Vibe machines and drastic diet changes. For a period of time I ate only whole foods and tried to keep them raw, there were a lot of smoothies in my life at the time, this helped to improve my mood but did not seem to affect me in any other way.

It was after years of trying medications and having them recalled on the news, due to ‘life threatening side effects’, and trying alternative therapies that weren’t helping me physically but were very beneficial to my debt, that I came across Hyperbaric Therapy. As always I began doing extensive research to see if it was worth putting my body through. It is important for me to weigh the possible benefits with the possible costs when deciding a new treatment for my FMS, a person has to know what they are getting themselves into after all.

What I found was that there were relatively no side effects to Hyperbaric Therapy and the chances of it helping me were good, and the information I found made scientific sense to me. I was able to talk with Jesse Rooney about my doubts, which was extremely helpful as he reinforced the minimal side effects.

Jesse spent time trying to reassure me of the minimal side effects and was always genuinely concerned for my well being. He worked with me initially to try and decide how we would go about implementing a routine for treatment, as being treated for FMS with Hyperbaric is relatively new. He was always open and agreeable to my questions and recommendations for what I believed may make the treatment work better for me. He listened as I explained my illness to him and he listened respectfully and was so kind about my unwillingness to believe it would work.

I was looking for something to help me, not cure me, to cure me I knew that the scientists would first have to come up with a cause for FMS. We initially decided on a very intensive treatment at the beginning of the summer. I was going to go every day for a week and then try to cut back to 2-3 times a week after that.

What ended up happening as I started my first week was an intense, and I will admit a debilitating, detox that put me into a terrible flare up. I was back to using a cane, but I knew the cause of the flare up would end up helping me. The detox helped rid my body of the toxins it is so awfully prone to carrying.

We were only able to complete 3 of the first weeks’ treatments, due to my flare up, and followed suit with three treatments the following week. While it took time to start feeling the benefits, they were not quite what I had expected. I used to require 10-13 hours of sleep each night, just to make it through the work day and if I had less than 8 hours I was pretty useless.

Today I require the amount of sleep the average person needs, 8 hours! This is a huge benefit to me as I feel like I have been given 4 hours of every day back and to top it off I feel energized. While I do not have more energy to use up I feel like I have more which makes the day much more bearable. The hardest part of this benefit was realizing that I still have my limitations and need to adhere to them, no matter how energetic my body feels.

The second benefit I found was that it has enhanced my mood, whether getting out so many toxins helped or if it’s the feeling of being energized, I have felt more emotionally capable of handling situations around me.

The third benefit, after 2 months I believe the brain fog started to lift. I still have it but the severity is often times negligible… I seem like an average person looking for a word instead of trying to remember the whole story!

The fourth benefit, I have become more comfortable in my physical body; this is a hard thing for a person with Fibromyalgia, or anyone with chronic pain as you never can seem to find a good spot to sit. Initially I was extremely nervous of having to sit in the chamber, it was the hardest thing to overcome, and there are still days where I hurt too much to stay in the small space.

Jesse was very kind and helpful, encouraging me to keep trying, he supplied extra pillows in the chamber for my comfort, and continued reminding me that this was going to help. Now there are many more days where sitting in the chamber is relaxing, I enjoy my Sudoku time. I have only fallen asleep a handful of times as I find it difficult to sit still, but the sleep was very energizing.

The benefits are adding up over time and perhaps someday it will alleviate the pain, but the benefits are already incomparable to other things I have tried. I also get the benefit of this treatment not damaging my body. Unlike many prescriptions which I have been prescribed and take a toll on the kidneys and liver especially, Hyperbaric treatment does not hurt my body… it helps it!

I would recommend Hyperbaric treatment to anyone, as it improves the quality of life for healthy people too, and most definitely I would recommend it to those with fibromyalgia. Those of us with FMS know not everything works for everyone, but this doesn’t have the side effects that can be a detriment! I had lost hope for a long time about getting better from this thing that has a hold of me, but I found a rejuvenation of spirit and began to believe that I may not be living through my 30’s relying on a cane. Hyperbaric treatment has given me a belief that I can get back to “good” and spare my other organs in the process, and that is priceless to me.

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Peggy DiazdeLeon: Surgery Recovery

My name is Peggy DiazdeLeon and I want to share my story with you.  I had just been cleared to start running again after a foot surgery 13 months ago.  So I signed up for the ‘Bolder Boulder’ a 10k race that was about 3 months away.  After a couple weeks training I started to have pain in my hips to the point of going to the doctor and getting cortisone shots for bursitis.  I have been riddled with arthritis for about ten years, which has been steadily getting worse.  I love to run and have almost been forced to stop.  Between having foot surgeries, stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and bursitis in my hips it was beginning to get to the point where it almost wasn’t fun anymore.  When is enough before you are forced to stop what you love doing and go to an alternative form of exercise?

A friend of mine Lloyd Hardesty had been sharing with me what great things HBOT had done for him.  He suggested that I try it for myself and I thought what it could hurt?  I had 5 sessions of the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

Now here it was one week prior to the race so I really did need a miracle! For the last week my training miles were very low – so race day was going to be a very anxious day for me because I did not know how HBOT was going to work for me.

The first treatment I was told to expect to feel a bit light headed; but I didn’t.  I went home walked my dogs and mowed my lawn as usual.  The second treatment I still felt nothing but I was told that I really shouldn’t expect to feel anything until around the third treatment.

So after my third treatment I got up in the morning and took my dogs out for their morning run and I felt so good that I sprinted the very last bit.  Now it doesn’t matter how far or how fast – what does matter is that I SPRINTED!  I haven’t even felt the urge to do so in the beginning of a run let alone the end of one for years.  I was so incredibly happy!

So after my fourth treatment I had the same urge – I SPRINTED EVEN FURTHER!!!

Race day…….

I ran the entire 6 miles and did not hurt a bit! I ran completely pain free!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Lloyd Neale Hardesty: Cancer - My Experience With Hyperbaric Therapy

My story of using the hyperbaric oxygen treatments came as a complete surprise as I had never heard the word “hyperbaric oxygen” until several months ago.  Here is my story that completely changed my life and well being.

During October of 2008 I was diagnosed with stomach cancer and went through treatments of chemo.  I was given a clean bill of health by the doctors with my cancer being in remission after being treated.  In November of 2009 I experienced a very serious fall on the ice that left me with a concussion, severely bruised ribs and lower back pains that kept me from doing anything.  On top of this, I caught the flu and bronchitis.

My body was so tired and weak that in December my cancer resurfaced and I began chemo treatments all over again.  I began to experience an increase in headaches due to the concussion.  I couldn’t even bend over to tie my shoes without lifting one foot at a time up on a chair, my body was itching all over and I hardly had a voice from the severe case of bronchitis, plus the chemo treatments made me so sick I couldn’t keep food on my stomach.

Then a friend shared with Ric and Crystal Rooney, who run the Pikes Peak Hyperbaric Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado, about my condition.  My last chemo treatment was on March 14 but I was still in horrible health! I took my first 40-minute treatment on March 15, 2010, following by two more 40-minute treatments the same week.  After just three treatments I experienced no more itching!

The following week my treatments were extended to three 50-minute sessions and I began to experience no more headaches and the pain in my lower back began to lesson.   I felt so much renewed energy!   The next week I continued three 50-minute sessions and the lower back pain was completely gone.  The next week I increased the time to three 1-hour sessions.

Here is the most exciting part of my entire story; as you might be aware, during chemo treatments your white blood cells are being destroyed at a rapid rate. In order to maintain a healthy body and the ability to fight off colds, etc. you need a balance of white and red blood cells when undergoing chemo treatments.  My t-cell count dropped to below 180 during chemo treatments. 

It normally takes three to six months for your t-cell count to return to a normal level after chemo treatments.  When I had my last check up with my cancer doctors on March 27, 2010 which included tissue samples from my stomach lining and blood work, the results indicated my t-cell count was back to a near normal 587 only two weeks after my last chemo treatment!

The gift of hyperbaric oxygen restored my health and well being like no medicine could do and I highly recommend it.

Lloyd Neale Hardesty, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Thursday, 27 May 2010

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